I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! Through this site, my hope is to offer an inviting space where meaningful conversation happens. Here you’ll read and hear about life as seen through the Kingdom lens – sometimes through the stories of women in our own Upstate SC community, other times through video discussions with my dear friends. Lately, my writing has centered on motherhood and how it is reshaping me. I approach this blog with a listening posture that is willing to pen whatever the Lord is speaking to me. So you can count on a wide variety of topics, all of which are aimed at the One who gives them meaning.

Words are powerful. Whether they are spoken or written, heard or read, they carry the ability to impart truth, release love, and change atmospheres. From the beginning of time, they have brought things into existence (Genesis 1). My passion for the spoken and written word is founded on this glorious mystery: words released at the Lord’s leading bring invisible realities into the visible realm. They act as vehicles for His goodness, possessing inherent power to heal, teach, transform, and infuse life.

The words you encounter here are written and spoken with that intent. Hopefully you’ll see in them glimpses of His untamable beauty.

Below is the brief backstory to the video discussions I felt led to start last year. The entire library, which is an ongoing project, can be found here.

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