2011 Hewitt Holiday Letter


Dear Family and Friends,
As I sit statuesquely in my high-end jogging pants writing this letter, I am overwhelmed with how amazing this year has been. What better beginning could 2011 have had than the beautiful snow which covered Spartanburg in January? Our neighborhood was transformed into a winter wonderland, and our yard looked like a work of art.  Check out my photo albums on facebook to see the stunning sights.

Celebrating Andrew’s 27th birthday and my parents’ 26th wedding anniversary were the highlights of February.  Speaking of February, one of my very favorite Valentine memories is from fifth grade when my name was drawn as the winner of a gigantic basket of goodies.  I was the center of attention for several minutes, and I could feel my peers’ love, admiration, and respect for me.  I love precious moments like that!  In early March, Kayla and I pulled off a huge surprise and showed up unexpectedly at Shannon’s doorstep in Boston!  She was overwhelmed at the surprise- and at such a selfless act of courage and generosity on mine and Kayla’s part.  Her daughter, Reese, fell in love with me immediately.
After the craziness of CPC’s wildly successful fundraising banquet in April, I was in desperate need of some rest and relaxation with my amazing friends.  Several of us journeyed to Charleston together to visit an old friend.  Ya know, sometimes a lazy weekend of extremely high dollar shopping and fine dining just hits the spot!  Andrew and I celebrated three years of marriage and ten years together in May of this year.  It was a super special month.  I know Andrew often wonders what purpose his life even had before he met me…
June brought the great joy of celebrating my dear friend’s wedding.  Kayla and Nick married on June 24th; I was a bridesmaid of course.  I was honored to be such a vital part of this extravagant event.  It was quite the gala!  July brought many celebrations for our family, with the 4th and my dad’s birthday being the highlights.  We went to a cookout for Independence Day; there were hot dogs, burgers, and chips galore.  It was something!

August was also a very special time in our family.  My mom and sister celebrated their birthdays (I got them very personalized, ornate gifts…again, check out my facebook photo albums to see for yourself!), and Crissy started school! We don’t know who was prouder – Dawn of her adorable daughter? Crissy of her stellar mother?? Or Momma, Daddy, Andrew, and me as we looked on with sheer joy at this unbelievable beginning for both of them??? Who knows?! Needless to say, we are always beaming at one another with delight in this family!
Much of September was spent enjoying the milder weather and preparing for our huge Rock Springs neighborhood yard sale in October.  Andrew and I knew this was a golden opportunity to make a good lick on items we no longer use.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not junk by a long shot; in fact, it’s actually very exquisite household, clothing, and recreational items.  But we have moved on to bigger and better things!  If at anytime you are interested in purchasing some of our used goods, just give us a ring.  We have a yard sale room you can browse in! This initial yard sale has birthed something much bigger than we ever dreamed.  My mom and dad have actually formed a lucrative Craigslist and newspaper ad business in which we list items we want to get rid of…and then sell them.  It has really taken off!
In November, I decided to really take Thanksgiving to another level.  I began doing good deeds left and right.  If I saw someone carrying a big, heavy item, I would immediately jump to open the door for them.  If I missed a call from a friend, I would try to call them back at my earliest convenience.  If Andrew or I spilt anything, there I was like a hero with paper towels, ready to help clean it up.  In doing countless acts of service like these, the true meaning of Thanksgiving began to deepen in my heart. Man, I can’t tell you how good it feels to be selfless.
And that brings us to December, the most wonderful time of the year.  Last night we hosted our yearly Christmas party- and boy, was it a blow-out!  Luxurious purchases, adventurous travels, and unbelievable financial success all point us back to what really matters. Praying that you know what really matters this Christmas!

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