Mud Run 2010

Two years ago today I did the USMC Mud Run in Columbia with Teal Rosenlund (or actually Tiller!!), Hope Rosenlund, and Anna Lancaster. I NEVER thought I would do something like the Mud Run…actually I don’t think ANYONE ever thought I would do something like the Mud Run! Distance running has never come easily to me; so for me, running 4.2 miles and doing 32 obstacles was like a marathon! 🙂

The horrendous traffic was definitely frustrating (we literally moved FOUR MILES in TWO HOURS after getting off of the exit.)….and so was the TWO MILE walk from the car to the course in the ninety degree heat. But once we got past that, it was actually fun!

Amazingly, Teal’s then boyfriend, Martin, ran the entire course with us and filmed us doing every obstacle! Thankfully, Teal edited out my most awkward footage….and believe me, there was A LOT of awkwardness! If you ever consider doing a Mud Run, I would highly recommend doing plyometric training to prepare…not just distance runs. This thing required a lot of upper body strength too. I definitely wouldn’t have even finished it if it weren’t for my taller, stronger teammates….and some nice strangers who helped us on some of the tougher obstacles.

It was a great experience doing something so fun with such awesome girls!

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