2012 Holiday Letter

DISCLAIMER: You may have a hard time with this letter if you take my sarcasm seriously.

Dear Family and Friends,

Hasn’t 2012 been a magnificent year?? It certainly has for me! As I have mulled over which things to share in my letter, my mind has teemed with countless stories. There simply isn’t room to write it all! January brought to fruition a long-time desire of mine…I had been eyeing the gigantic stuffed pony, Snow Flake, at Wells Fargo for months and months. Every time I saw him my heart ached, wishing I could take him back to CPC with me. I finally got the courage to ask a teller who they were planning to give the pony to. One thing led to another, and I ended up taking Snow Flake back to work with me that day. It was surreal. The staff and volunteers were moved to the point of tears when I came in carrying him. It felt like a scene from Braveheart; I’ll never forget it. The favor that follows me is unbelievable…and even more unbelievable is how I always use that favor to benefit those around me.

I barely had time to process the pony miracle before a couple approached us about buying our house this past spring. We were so excited! While we loved the house (it’s an over-the-top, extravagantly beautiful home with two levels, a paved driveway, and a mailbox that matches those of the entire neighborhood), we knew that even better adventures were awaiting us. The biggest challenge would be packing up and transporting our many valuable belongings. We decided to have a moving sale to help with this process; Christie’s Auction actually approached us about selling some of our items, but we had to turn them down. It’s just not our nature to draw attention to ourselves like that.

Not long after our move to a beautiful cottage, it was time to celebrate our anniversary. Off to the Grand Canyon we went! Unbeknownst to me, Marriott had bumped us to “Gold Elite” status because of Andrew’s frequent work travels (yet ANOTHER reason to celebrate!). The service was top-notch, thanks to Andrew’s clout! He’s been so humble about it all. I keep telling him to stop being so modest; it’s his time to shine! Besides his Marriott accomplishments, he also has won great favor with the owners of Taco Dog. He has a rewards card with them which allots one free meal for every ten purchases made at the restaurant. Andrew would never toot his own horn, but he earned FIVE to SIX free meals this year!!!! Two or three I could have believed…but FIVE or SIX??? It’s more than we could have ever dreamed of!

July was a significant landmark for our family; my dad turned 60! My mom and I worked tirelessly behind the scenes for two weeks compiling birthday wishes from sixty people into a dvd for him. Once the dvd was uploaded onto youtube, it went viral. To this day, we continue to get letters, emails, and phone calls from people all over the world who have been impacted by Robert’s 60th Birthday video. Right in the midst of this birthday extravaganza, another miracle was being birthed. In mid-July I started a blog to share thoughts, stories, and seminary updates with friends and family. Little did I know, this blog was going to spread like wildfire. It snowballed so quickly I could barely catch my breath. My blog now has well over ten consistent followers!

Fall brought my transition out of work and into seminary. Gordon-Conwell didn’t even know what was coming! Professors and administrators alike have been flabbergasted at my depth of knowledge and insight. I think there’s a good chance they will encourage me to just skip over several classes altogether. This type of thing has always been par for the course in my life. And already, I see my academic mantle being passed on to Crissy. She was chosen for the school-wide spelling bee last week. Dawn’s prayers are being answered. Hopefully she will also turn out as eloquent, beautiful, charismatic, and physically fit as me too. That remains to be seen.

Welcoming our niece, Hanna, and my friend Kayla’s son, Micah, into the world has been one of this year’s sweetest victories. There was an instant connection as soon as I held each of them…and I can see the fear and pain in their eyes every time I have to leave them. Slowly but surely, they’re learning to connect with their mothers the way the have with me. God is so good!

Wishing you each a lovely Christmas,

Debra and me celebrating with Snow Flake in January of this year!

3 Comments on “2012 Holiday Letter”

  1. Ok first off….LOVE the picture of you and Debra!! Secondly, I’m glad to be one of your ten consistent followers of your famous, groundbreaking blog. 😉
    Tell Andrew congratulations on his 5 or 6 free meals….so proud to know such awesome people!!!
    Merry Christmas!!


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