Litmus Test for Divine Destiny vs. Selfish Ambition

     The two blurbs I’m sharing in this blog come from an INCREDIBLE message of Christine Caine’s.  On a recent Sunday morning, our pastor shared a dvd of one of her messages from the ARC Conference which just took place in Colombia.  I HIGHLY recommend going to the ARC website and downloading her message.  (I would just put the link on here, but I think it’s a dollar or two to download it.) It is unbelievably anointed and so encouraging and faith-stirring!  Christine is so funny, too, and has a lot of personality.  At the end of the message, she shared two lists of comparisons that are packed with SO much revelation.  Honestly, each individual dichotomy could preach an entire sermon! 


      This first list is a litmus test to determine whether we are walking in divine destiny or selfish ambition:

Divine Destiny     versus     Selfish  Ambition

Destiny draws you; selfish ambition drives you.

Destiny marks you; ambition markets you.

Destiny is about the Kingdom; ambition is about my empire.

Destiny honors; ambition competes.

Destiny invokes loyalty; ambition is all about me.

Destiny is about the cause; ambition is about my gift.

Destiny causes us to find our place in the Body; ambition causes us to assert our place and authority in the Body.

Destiny is others-focused; ambition is self-focused.

Destiny is ok with anonymity and obscurity; ambition only wants the limelight.

Destiny is about the lost; ambition only cares about who is following me.

Destiny is God-dependent; ambition is self-sufficient.

Destiny produces fruit; ambition produces opinions.

Destiny is God-pleasing; ambition is man-pleasing.

Destiny cares about legacy; ambition only cares about the here and now.

Destiny is about becoming Christ like; ambition is about amassing and acquiring things for me.

Destiny obeys; ambition offers sacrifices.

Destiny causes our anointing to recognize another person’s anointing; ambition only promotes my gifts and my talent.

Destiny is submitted; ambition is independent.

Destiny is Spirit-led; ambition is self-planned.

Destiny is about God’s will; ambition is about my will.

Destiny takes time; ambition wants immediate results.

Destiny requires perseverance; ambition gives up at the first sign of trouble.

Destiny loves; ambition leverages relationships.

Destiny gives; ambition takes.

Destiny is generous; ambition protects.

Destiny aims for Jesus; ambition aims for self.


       This second list is naming many of the issues in the Church that have often caused division and polarization in the Body of Christ.  Believers have had an “either/or” mentality with these things, and it has caused us to separate ourselves from those who focus on the different side of the coin.  But the resounding counsel of God on these supposed dichotomies is to embrace BOTH, not either/or!


So is the church to be/to embrace/to promote… 

Local or Global?

Faith or Works?

Men or Women?

Wisdom or Zeal?

Young or Old?

Deep or Wide?

Theological or Practical?

Novices or Seasoned people?

Skill or Passion?

Big church or Small church?

Proclamational or Affirmational?

Preaching or Teaching?

Heart or Head?

Spirit or Truth?

Events or Process?

Attractional or Missional?

Gifts or Fruit?

Discipleship or Evangelism?

Small groups or Large services?

Attending or Serving?

Give or Receive?

Mercy or Truth?

Grace or Obedience?

Manage or Take risks?

Fun or Serious?

Order or Freedom?

Prosperity or Austerity?

Flexible or Structured?

Longevity or New, fresh blood?

Strong or Gentle?

Leaders or Followers?

Counseling or Deliverance?

Plan for today or Tomorrow?

Hospital or Bootcamp?

Organization or Organism?

Budget or Faith?

Accountability or Freedom?

Traditional or Contemporary?

Healing or Medicine?

Education or Divine revelation?

Spontaneity or Order?

Sovereignty or Personal responsibility?

Submission or Oversight?

Outreach or Discipleship?

Occupy till He comes or Prepare for second coming as if He’s coming tomorrow?

Buildings and assets or Missions?

Holy or Relevant?

Pray or Act?

Believe or Accept?

Victory or Trials and suffering?


The resounding answer is BOTH!!!



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