2013 Hewitt Holiday Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

            I stand in utter amazement. Our 2013 simply could NOT have been any better.

            We started the year off with the outrageous joy of welcoming our newest family member, Hershey (short for Sir Hershel Good-Boy Walden). He came to us weighing only a pound and a half but has since grown into a strong and commanding fifteen pounds. He has become the brother I never had, the dearest friend Andrew always wanted, and the confidant my parents have always prayed for, not to mention a role model to Dawn, Crissy, and Memaw.

            It was on the heels of welcoming Hershey to our fold that we were overtaken by a breathtaking one-day blizzard in February. The snow started pouring as Andrew and I were on our way home from Starbucks that Saturday. We had no idea what we were in for. Within a few hours, our yard was transformed into a scene from The Chronicles of Narnia. We all gathered together to enjoy the snow- Robert, Kay, Dawn, Crissy, Andrew, and myself. We just basked in the glow of sweet, sweet family time. We built a snowman that stood so tall and powerful.  It was priceless. We barely had time to blink, and then it was Presidents’ Day, a day I will always remember. I found deals at Goodwill that day that will go down in history. I actually went the night before just to browse, and while I was there found out that the entire store would be half off the next day for Presidents’ Day. I held onto my items until closing and then placed them where I could quickly get to them the next morning when the store reopened. I rushed there the next day and managed to recapture all of my items. Whew!!! What a sweet reward. Only God could have orchestrated such a magnificent story!

            It was probably the Presidents’ Day victory that gave us the courage to let go of Andrew’s old Jeep and get his Tahoe in March. The Tahoe is so much nicer than the Jeep was; it’s black and holds twenty to twenty-five gallons of gas. It commands respect, which is so appropriate for Andrew.  Not only did we get the Tahoe in March, but we also purchased a new bedspread! It is SO plush! What a month!

            Summer travels kicked off when we whisked away to California in May.  We did too many wonderful things there to fit into this letter; just know that we had the time of our lives.  In June, I joined several other distinguished ladies in attending the Mercy Ministries banquet in Nashville.  I got to meet Dodi Osteen and Dave Ramsey that night!  What an honor.  (I mean, I didn’t actually shake hands with them, but I saw them standing on stage from a distance and heard them talk, too.  That’s practically meeting them.)  After a trip to San Antonio and yet another golf victory for Andrew, the summer excitement gave way to fall.

            It was around this time that God began birthing a dream in mine and Andrew’s hearts to start a catching squad at church.  You just never know when God is going to knock someone out in the Spirit.  For this reason, we feel called to be prepared at all times to catch people who fall.  I’ve been doing extra push-ups each week, and Andrew has started a new Shawn T workout.  Together, there’s no one we can’t catch!  As of now, Andrew and I are Catching Squad captains in need of a team; so if you feel a tug in your heart to help catch, just shoot me a text or facebook message!

            In September, I began subbing at Dorman and immediately advanced to the top of the “preferred substitute” list.  Students and teachers alike developed a strong affinity for me.  Honestly, I have become accustomed to this; it happens wherever I go.  And while many would envy such popularity, it comes with a price.  There is great pressure on me most days, as thousands of people hinge their lives on my influence.  The gravity of it often puts Andrew in the spotlight as well.  Thankfully, God has given us both very strong character, humility, and tenacity to handle it. I would love to show you all some of my “preferred substitute” email notifications; they are SO neat!

            November and December have been packed with my birthday celebration in the mountains, Thanksgiving at Wade’s, cashing in on Kohl’s coupons, and my Greek I final (which was such a breeze).  The highlight from recent happenings, though, has been Hershey’s first birthday celebration.  He turned one on December third, and my, what a blowout it was!!  We sang to him, took several pictures of him, and showered him with chew toys and expensive dog biscuits.  He could hardly contain his excitement.  We were pretty ecstatic, too. 

            All of these blessings make this a very sweet and meaningful Christmas for us.  Wishing you all an equally sweet Christmas time – full of Hallmark movies, hot chocolate, and shopping. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Love, Hayley and Andrew

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    • Karen, I had dedicated an entire paragraph to our special car ride and then erased the whole thing when I saw that you cropped me out of your profile picture. My emotions are still really raw.


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