2014 Hewitt Holiday Letter

[I strongly encourage you to curl up with some hot chocolate as you read this letter.]

Dear Family and Friends,

What a year of jubilee 2014 has been. From exegesis papers to business trips, Hebrew flashcards to expense reports, this year has been a WILD ride. I feel like we’ve been flying downhill on a roller coaster, heads thrown back and arms in the air, since January 1st. It makes me giggle with joy just to think about it.

We dove into the deep end with demanding work and school schedules for the first several months of this year. During this time we celebrated Andrew’s 30th birthday, as well as Martin Luther King Day and Groundhog Day, all while juggling the intensity of work, school, subbing, meetings, daily exercise, and maintenance of personal hygiene.

I ended my super busy semester with a bang by hopping a plane to Hawaii. My, my… what a fabulous trip! The beaches were breathtaking, the food was mouth-watering… But what really knocked us off of our feet was the favor Andrew and I found with the hotel staff. Each day while we were out and about, the staff snuck and put fresh sheets on our bed and supplied us with new towels. I picked up on this after the first few days. We couldn’t get over such special treatment – and tried to be as discreet as possible so the other hotel guests wouldn’t grow jealous. It ended up being one of those defining moments in which one has to make a decision. “Hayley,” I said to myself, “you can either allow these fresh sheets to make you arrogant, or you can choose to walk in humility.” I chose humility. “For great is my reward in heaven!” The other hotel guests never even knew the difference. [I just got chills.]

Summer officially rolled around once we were back from our trip – and you know what that means. Time to change the filters and start using the AC again. Whew! These transitions throughout the year can really throw a lot at you! Especially when you add school work and your mom’s 60th birthday video shoots to the mix! But my world finally got settled again, and we were able to enjoy several summer getaways in the midst of all of my scholarly research. Primary source research was new territory for me, but I quickly got a handle on it and even feel competitive in my ability to navigate it now.

That reminds me of a sweet memory from when I was in the sixth grade. On honors day, I ended up receiving such a high number of awards that my principal asked me to just remain standing on stage so I didn’t have to keep walking back and forth. I heard later that this was the first time a Gable student had ever been asked to remain standing on stage. Wow. It was so rewarding for my brilliance and uniqueness to be recognized. How humbling!

This year I realized that my Kohl’s anointing (i.e. my supernatural bargain gift that manifests every time I shop at Kohl’s) is more than a simple Kohl’s anointing. It’s much bigger than that. It’s been manifesting for me in so many different ways and places that I have had to broaden my understanding of it. It has shown up, for example, even in our oil changes. Andrew and I discovered a place on the east side that “tops him off” before he needs a full-fledged oil change – and charges very little to do it! Just a glimpse of this bargain anointing in action. It has also manifested itself through Old Navy Rewards points. We simply charge large purchases on our Old Navy Card and thereby earn rewards which can be redeemed at GAP, Old Navy, or Banana Republic! I ended up getting a beautiful navy jacket FOR FREE because of these wonderful rewards. The magnitude of this bargain anointing is blowing my mind. I am at a loss for what to call it. There’s something mysterious about it. For now, I still refer to it as either my Kohl’s anointing or simply my bargain anointing.

And speaking of anointing, the Catching Squad which God birthed through Andrew and me last year has FLOURISHED this year! We have grown in both our number of catchers as well as each catcher’s “catch capacity,” as well call it. On more than one occasion, I have spontaneously caught 300+ pound individuals, who do not even attend Evangel might I add. God moved unexpectedly, and BAM! That’s why we stand by our motto: “You have to be ready in season and out of season.” Andrew and I picked that motto when we first started the Catching Squad. It has proven to be so appropriate – and so prophetic!

By now I’m sure you’re down to your last sip of hot chocolate. So I’ll leave you with this simple but spectacular Christmas quote: “Jesus is the reason for the season!”

Much Love,

Hayley and Andrew

christmas holly

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