Mary Kury: A Tenacious Voice of Truth

I’m starting this line-up of amazing women with a powerful one, indeed.

Meet Mary Kury. She is a 36 year old wife and mother of five. [Can we just pause for a second and let that sink in? FIVE.] I first met her several years ago while working at our local crisis pregnancy center. She was a Thursday morning volunteer, and I was immediately struck by her spunk.

It didn’t take long to notice Mary’s passion for all things natural. There was frequent talk of organic versus processed foods, natural versus artificial remedies, drug-free childbirth… the topics were endless. I couldn’t help but be confronted with the scary, manufactured state of our American culture anytime I spoke with her.

And as I listened to her, I was also confronted with this all too engrained inclination in human nature: we do NOT want to be inconvenienced. Truth demands a response. It requires us to change in order to be made free by it. And change is inconvenient. It disrupts our familiarity and invites us into unknown, awkward-feeling territory.

So as humans, we avoid disruptive truth. We read books, listen to sermons, and go to conferences focused on truths we already admire and feel we are already living. It’s safe. There’s no disruption there. No real change is required. We perpetually gravitate toward this comfortable world of sameness, unaware of the gifts that transformation would bestow upon us.

Then God places someone like Mary in your midst. An instrument in His hands who disrupts your comfortable ignorance by confronting you with truth. And if you’re like most people, you listen politely, are silently enamored by the truth she is speaking, decide that though it’s true it’s WAY too hard to act on, and thus intentionally dismiss everything she just said. You walk away hoping you forget the conversation so you can maintain your blissful, uninformed normalcy.

But what if we’re missing out on something amazing as we fiercely guard our status quo?

Friends, maybe it’s time we give an ear to this woman. Maybe it’s time we open ourselves to transformation. Here, in her own words, Mary describes the journey which birthed her zeal for the natural life:

kury family-80

Normal Life Interrupted

Until my mid-twenties, I was traipsing along in a very normal, very American way – met a boy, got married, went on our honeymoon. Then three months into our marriage we found out we were going to have a baby. That was definitely not in the plans! As a typical American, I was on several pharmaceuticals for a variety of ailments- 5 to be exact. I stopped taking everything cold turkey because there was now someone else to care for, not just me. And for the first time ever, I felt this intense pressure to do exactly the right thing because someone was counting on me – like this was the final exam and failing wasn’t an option. I had a lot to learn, but after several months of pregnancy I knew I wanted to have a natural birth.

The Paradigm Shift

At this point, the Lord began laying a new foundation in our lives based on this simple question: “How did God design this to be?” After coming to an impasse with our OBs, the Lord encouraged me when I met a woman my age who had had a natural birth… in her home… with a midwife. I had never considered such a choice. Honestly, it wasn’t appealing at all. But it is exactly what we did. Our midwife accepted us into care during my 34th week of pregnancy. We had our first baby in our home on Father’s Day 2007. It was beautiful, and special, and radically life altering. I had to share with others how incredibly designed our bodies are, how beautiful birth is, and how strong God made us! I began teaching natural childbirth classes the following February.

Over the next few years we experienced health concerns that challenged us to look and see what God had provided for us to use to heal our bodies. I became very interested in using herbs and essential oils to facilitate healing, while simultaneously questioning the mainstream culture. Scripture references were always popping up in our minds and daily devotions that confirmed our path. We both started wondering about the precarious Tower of Babel the pharmaceutical industry was becoming in America. I threw myself headlong into research and praying and studying and begging for wisdom. 

A key turning point that catapulted me onto a new nutritional path was when my husband, Todd, was overcome with a stomach problem. He had had issues over the years, but this one stopped us in our tracks. He literally couldn’t leave our home. For ten days, we prayed and I watched Todd suffer. After a meeting with his men’s fellowship group, he came home ecstatic. He tore open the Scriptures to Genesis 1:29:

“Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth

and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.’”

That same morning, I had spoken with my friend, a nutrition guru, who suggested we either go to the GI doctor or do an elimination diet. This verse confirmed what she had told me. I shared it with Todd and got to work seeing how we could use food to heal him. In two weeks, his stomach problems were resolving. We learned which foods he was sensitive to, which ones to avoid completely, and within three months… my acne – the stuff I had dealt with for over 25 years, the “adult acne” diagnosis that had no cause or cure, the reason I had been on all those prescriptions in my young adulthood – spontaneously cleared! So did my daughter’s oozing, itchy patches of eczema. I realized then that maybe we do have some control over our health. Maybe God did provide a way for our bodies to heal. Maybe pharmaceuticals aren’t always, or even usually, the answer.

Layer by layer, it felt as if a veil were being removed from our eyes. I learned that my birth control pill had created a chemical imbalance in my body, which was the cause of my depression. I learned that my antidepressant caused sleep disruptions and could contribute to anxiety- both symptoms for which I had been prescribed subsequent medications. I was shocked that something as common place as “the pill” could send my body and mind into such a tailspin. Regularly, the Lord reveals a new piece of this puzzle. My passion is ever expanding and I’m having a hard time holding it all in. Rarely a day goes by that I don’t have an opportunity to share something He has taught me or to encourage someone in their own journey, whether it concerns pregnancy, nutrition, children, or natural health.

Passion Further Fueled

Another pivotal point on this journey took place during a conversation with my aunt. We were discussing how common it is to spend time praying for sick believers in the church at the beginning of Bible fellowship. We shared a moment of horror as we both saw that perhaps a purposeful, yet subtle attack was being launched on some of the most powerful members of the Christian community: our mature, senior believers. They are finished raising kids, financially secure, retiring, wise, and faithful. Those qualities translate to time to serve, money to give, and experience to share. But many of these promising believers, who ought to be stepping into their most fruitful seasons, are sick. Cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic illnesses are benching an enormous group of servants. And it is being done in part through the church– not an outside attack! I thought about all the times the church family comes together and shares food; doughnuts, desserts, pizzas, sodas, and candy abound. The stark reality that being ignorant doesn’t absolve us from consequences settled deeply in my spirit. I dug deeper. I learned that just because something is permissible doesn’t mean it’s profitable.

The Point to Which this Journey Has Led Me

This journey has taught me that God created everything we need to be healthy- real food, clean water, clean air, sunshine, dirt, bacteria, and a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. It now seems obvious to me that if we put a bunch of man-made, food-like substances into our bodies, bad things will happen. They are counterfeits. Natural foods that grow out of the dirt and animals that live off the land are the absolute closest things we can ingest that are literally from the hands of our Creator. What precious, sustaining gifts.
[See end note.]

The Backlash that Accompanies this Calling

Living this way definitely separates you from the crowd. Many of my Christian peers are simply dismissive. There seems to be a prevailing cultural mentality that God created men to be smart and make drugs and that much good can be done with those things. And to a certain extent, I do not disagree. But I also believe that the enemy is a master deceiver and is proficient at perversion. Counterfeits abound. Instead of embracing what God created for us, we abandon it completely for fear of being lumped into a category we deem unsavory in our cultural circles. My clarion call is that we reclaim those blessings He bestowed on us – so we can run our races to the best of our abilities.

It seems that many people perceive I am doing something “new age” or “hippie.” Instead of listening to what I’m actually saying, many chalk me up to being weird or excessive or worse, an idolator. I admit, nature-worship surrounds us. However, just because some choose to deify the created doesn’t mean by default that I, too, idolize it. In fact, it’s the opposite. By correctly appropriating creation for its designed purpose, I graciously receive the bounty of what God has provided – the lavishness and excess – and praise Him for it! I use it to strengthen my temple and nourish my family.

What Propels Me Forward, Despite the Naysayers

The drive to continue on this path is multifaceted. First, I get to develop relationships with those who are not Christians. This is an opportunity to point them to the Creator. I want people to observe who I am, how my family lives, what we do, understand why we do it, and want that. People are drawn to a natural, authentic, holistic, simple lifestyle. Less stuff equals less stress. More time equals more service. More service means more opportunities to build relationships and share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We desire to take Jesus’ example literally. And finally, I want to empower people to take seriously the responsibility of being excellent stewards of the bodies, land, animals, families, and communities with which we have been entrusted. I frequently think of the story of the talents. When we take care of what has been entrusted to us and yield a return, we are proven faithful. What an honor to be approved by my King!

“She watches over the affairs of her household

and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Proverbs 31:27


So there you have it. She’s not so crazy or “out there” after all. She has followed God down a path of discovery which has led her to this passionate stance.

How is Mary a Kingdom woman? How does her calling fit into God’s bigger story?

Well for starters, she is an unstoppable voice of Truth. Tears have snuck up on me as I write this. She has been infused with passion and is determined to share her God-given truth with others.  A Scripture comes to mind: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). Mary feels the gravity of this – on a deep level – and acts on it. There is a tenacity about this woman that moves me.  This life she leads is not easy. It comes with significant obstacles. She is blown off on a continual, probably daily, basis by people who either think she’s nuts or think her truth is too hard to live. Yet she keeps going. She is a woman of conviction who won’t compromise what God put in her heart, even if it’s misunderstood and undervalued. And even if it inconveniences her. [That’ll preach!]

Not only is Mary a person of deep conviction, but she is also recklessly abandoned to obedience. She keeps adjusting her life to make room for the truth God is revealing to her. Humans have this tendency to run from uncomfortable truth – and an even stronger tendency to ignore truth once we encounter it. We rationalize… and try to find ways around truth that God has made clear. We don’t want to give up anything. And if we’re honest, many of us willingly forgo God’s invitation for more because we are unwilling to change. Friends, let’s stop doing this. In every facet of our lives, let’s choose to be teachable. Let’s choose flexibility. Let’s take a cue from Mary’s example and MAKE ROOM FOR GOD TO CHANGE US.

Mary’s life is also living proof that boundaries bring freedom. The world’s idea of freedom is doing whatever you want, whenever you want. But this is a counterfeit freedom. In fact, it’s no freedom at all. You pay a HIGH price for this so-called freedom. The price can range from divorce, to addiction, to poor health, to a horrible marriage, to STDs, to obesity, to a meaningless life. True freedom, the kind that originates in God himself, is the result of living within boundaries – His boundaries. Living inside of these boundaries protects us from unnecessary harm and makes room for authentic joy. True living. Genuine freedom.

Finally, Mary is a Kingdom woman because she acts to empower other women. She doesn’t stop with listening to God and obeying within her own life [key starting points for walking with God]. She takes it a step further by equipping others with the knowledge and tools they need to pursue health. Whether it’s through teaching a natural childbirth class or offering a wealth of information to seekers, she continually acts to empower others with the truth God has given her.

Thank you, Mary, for your zeal, faithfulness, and willingness to search for Truth!

If you would like to learn more about living naturally,

you can email Mary at

Be sure to check out her websites too!  and


End Note Concerning Mary’s Nutritional Path:

I now love to look around and see how God made things to work- His design and how He blesses and protects us. Let’s take sugar, for example. It’s protected by cane. And it’s full of wonderful vitamins and minerals. But when it’s stripped of all of those protections, it is an anti-nutrient, causes inflammation which leads to heart disease, feeds cancer cells, suppresses the immune system, and is 8 times more addictive than cocaine. Or honey- it’s protected by bees. That tells me that if I want some, I have to rob a hive and would prefer to have something sweet over being comfortable and without stings. Likewise, leafy greens grow proficiently all over our area from early spring through early winter. They are simple to grow and harvest and are nutritional powerhouses. So looking at these very different food sources I can see that God is encouraging me to eat very few sweets, but enjoy lots of leafy greens.

10 Comments on “Mary Kury: A Tenacious Voice of Truth”

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  2. Great story, great testamony. I agreed with every word until the “robbing a hive” statement. God promised Israel a land flowing with milk and honey. These are two more foods, which when eaten in their raw, natural state are very beneficial and healing. Naturally we want to harvest honey in a manner that sustains the bees as well. It just concerns me when I hear words like “robbing” because there are some animal activists who abstain from eating all meat and animal products claiming it is a form of abuse. God gave us certain animals for food (Leviticus), and when they are properly cared for and nourished, their meat (or milk/eggs/honey) can be very healthy for us, eaten in moderation.
    Unfortunately, most Americans are so far removed from the process of growing their own meat and meat products, that it’s very easy to develop a distorted, even perverted, sense of what is proper and natural animal husbandry.
    Thank you for sharing Mary’s story. It is always encouraging to find like-minded believers.


    • Monika, the point I was trying to make is that God protects the honey and there must be a reason for that. I am an animal activist in the sense that I believe God wants us to be good stewards of what He has given to us. “Robbing a hive” (I’m a novice beekeeper) is simply the phrase that is used to mean harvesting the honey. And we do get stung. But it is worth it to have the honey! With mass production of honey and sugar and everything else, we have very little understanding of the sacrifice that is required. I was surprised to learn that each bee flies about 400 miles during her lifetime and will produce only 1/12th teaspoon of honey. That has changed how we consume it. Many diets say that because it is natural, it can be consumed in excess. And that just isn’t wise, especially in our culture where the average American ingests over 150lbs of refined sugar annually. Surely, when we arrive at the Promised Land, there will be milk and honey that needs no harvesting (or has enjoyable means to do so!!) Thank you for your comments. I will be mindful about how I present that tidbit as I go forward.


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