Hi Everyone!

I wanted to offer a heads up about my writing focus for the next few months (for those of you who are not on FB and therefore did not see my preliminary post before Mary Kury’s story!). I have had something stirring in my heart for quite a while now, and the puzzle pieces are finally coming together. For at least the next twelve weeks, I will be sharing stories of local women whose lives tell Kingdom stories. You will recognize many of them! [Mary’s was story #1.]

These women have unique passions and are living them out in unique spheres. And each woman’s story offers a distinct glimpse of what it means to walk with God. Each one, in her own way, embodies the spirit of Proverbs 31. I look forward to sharing these stories on Wednesday of each week starting next week!

Over the last few weeks as I’ve prayed about this, I felt impressed to release these stories on Wednesdays. Then days ago, this was confirmed when I saw Christine Caine post something so timely about the ‪#‎WCW‬ hashtag: “We’re switching it up. No more photos of women guys wish they could date on Wednesdays. It’s time we recognize and uplift the women who are actually using their gifts to impact lives. These women heal hearts and birth destinies. So #WCW is now on its way to celebrating World Changing Women – the unsung heroes.”

Along these lines, it is my heart to share the stories of “everyday” women. The ones who are not standing on platforms before thousands, yet are telling Kingdom stories with their day-to-day lives. It’s time that we, as women, celebrate the glory of God upon each other’s lives. I look forward to going on this journey with you all over the next several months. Let’s see where God takes it!

1 Comments on “#WorldChangingWomen”

  1. I’m all in waiting patiently on each lady’s story! God’s ideas are amazing!
    Thank you for paying attention to your nudges from the Lord!


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