Pregnancy Diaries: 30 Weeks

We’re already thirty weeks along, and I can hardly believe it! February is fast approaching! A lot has changed over the last month or two…

Photo by Laura Hamon

Photo by Laura Hamon

For one, we’ve discovered Trader Joe’s. I mean, we’ve known about it for a long time – we just hadn’t tried it for ourselves. But a dear friend and her good cooking convinced me to give it a go. We were hooked on our first visit. It turns out the hype is legit!

Hello Fresh gave me the boost I needed to get back in the kitchen a few months ago…and now Trader Joe’s has taken over as just the thing I needed to keep me there. They have such a great quality and variety of food – at really affordable prices…and they have lots of easy meal options too. It’s basically a WAY better version of Whole Foods.

Here are a few of my favorite TJ’s treats:


Mango gummies.

These turned out to be a genius impulse buy at the register on our first trip. If you know me, you know that I have a long history with gummies. I know a good gummy when I find one, and let me tell you, these are special! We stay stocked on these at all times now.


Greek yogurts.

Guys, I have flipped out over these yogurts. Especially the pomegranate and mango flavors. My rhythm for the last few months has involved at least two of these each day, one with breakfast and one shortly before bed. Andrew usually has one at breakfast too. So yogurt stock-up time is serious in our household these days. I was checking out at TJ’s a few weeks ago with, oh… 40 yogurts or so…


…and after making this huge stack at the register our cashier went out on a limb and said, “I’m guessing yall are yogurt people.”

And then there’s the discovery that’s changing everything…


Cookie butter.

Ya know, sometimes your husband just hits it out of the park. This was one of those times. He insisted we buy this cookie butter on a recent stock-up, and I was pretty uninterested when he first showed it to me. I had no idea how excited I should have been. If I had known how much I was going to love it, I would have kissed him right on the spot. We dip honey pretzels in this heavenly paste and whoa… #bestsnackever.

Discovering this new world of food during pregnancy has been brilliant timing. Our latest baby development update informed us that our boy is going to more than triple in weight between now and delivery. Judging from my rapidly growing belly, I’d say he’s working hard to meet that goal.


His growth has been so rapid over the last few weeks! I can hardly keep up with my ever-changing dimenions.


I forget that my mid-section is basically a bowling ball now and try to go about tasks as usual, only to have something [i.e. a cabinet door] bump into my stomach. My center of gravity is changing too. I *might* have nearly fallen over a time or two while going to the bathroom in the night. [I’m finding that pregnancy is cause for lots of unexpected laughs.]

Besides my usual workouts, I’ve now added serious weightlifting to my daily regimen. Like when I have to hoist myself out of the bed. No joke – I’m pushing myself up with both arms now. It feels like I’m a heavy-as-lead mass being pulled out of the ocean floor. Then there’s the act of getting myself out of the floor after putting on shoes. This feels like I’m doing iron man squats. I feel really hard core every time I stand up.

Pregnancy brings such awesome surges of joy, too. Like when I stumbled upon the cutest little snowsuit the other day and just had to get it.


Picturing the tiny person who will come out of my womb and be able to wear this little outfit is just too much for me.

Gifts have been trickling in for several months now, and I never knew before actually being pregnant how much this would mean to me. There’s something really sweet about another person loving your child while you’re still carrying him.


We registered last week.


This alone was an experience. So many options. So many little details. Such excitement. Such thankfulness for dear friends who are helping me navigate this new world of babies and parenting. And gratitude for the One I’m leaning on through this whole process.

Now that my belly has grown and I’m unmistakably pregnant, people’s comments are becoming more frequent and, at times, more interesting. A few times, upon noticing my belly, a stranger has excitedly asked, “Are you pregnant?!” with the surprised/almost-betrayed tone of an old friend whom I’ve neglected to tell. [When asked, I always confirm that I am, in fact, pregnant – not just losing control with the cookie butter and mango gummies.]

One of my favorite comments has been “You’re the biggest I’ve ever seen you!!!” Well let’s hope. I am 30 weeks pregnant.

Several times now, strangers have asked what we’re having, and upon hearing “a boy,” have replied by saying how happy Andrew must be. We are quick to respond to these statements with, “yes, we were equally thrilled to have a girl or a boy.” And we mean that. Life is life. Both men and women are God’s image-bearers (Genesis 1:27). We each carry and reflect specific elements of the Lord’s beauty and strength. Both are cause for celebration. And celebrate we will…

Speaking of celebration, just this past week we closed on our fixer-upper! We’ve loved every moment of these five years in our little house – life in 600 square feet has overflowed with goodness… but we’re so excited to expand our living space a little to make room for life as a family of three.

If we hadn’t started watching Fixer Upper several months ago, I would never have had eyes to see this home’s potential. But thanks to Chip and JoJo, a whole new world of creative renovation ideas has opened up to us. And it doesn’t hurt that my dad is a builder. He’s our ace in the hole for this project.

Kitchen before demo

Kitchen before demo

Kitchen during demo

Kitchen during demo

Kitchen after demo

Kitchen after demo

We’re basically living our own real-life Fixer Upper episode right now. My dad and Andrew are Chip, and I like to think of myself as Joanna. [Hey, a girl can dream.] They’ve been doing nonstop demo the past several days, and I drop by regularly and point out things, tell them what I’m picturing, and create more projects for them. It’s working out so nicely. 😉

I'm a natural with the nail gun...

I’m a natural with the nail gun…

Every day, we’re working on house and baby stuff. We’re looking at kitchen layouts, researching white washed brick, thinking through our baby registry, reading our parenting book, finishing a painting, searching Pinterest, ordering wall-hangings, cooking dinner (!!), and in the midst of it all, resting in Him and enjoying each step of this beautiful process.

Nesting. That’s the word. Prayerful, excited, in-over-our-heads, let-God-be-BIG, nesting.

Photo by Laura Hamon

Photo by Laura Hamon

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