Painting the Promise of Isaiah 60

Merry Christmas, Friends! I hope you’re having a joy-filled season.

Ours has been so beautiful –  very different from all other Christmas seasons.  My growing belly and our fixer-upper have made for lots of new adventures!  In this season of newness, I’ve felt the Lord drawing me back into the world of art.

I’ve had a love for drawing and painting since I was really young… but so far have only been able to pursue them during random pockets of time.  There always seem to be other pursuits in my life that put art on the back burner.

Several months ago, I decided that Isaiah 60:1-3 needed to hang in our home.  It’s been a dear passage to me for many years now.  And this past spring as I was finishing seminary, I had the privilege of studying this passage in the Hebrew for several months.  I sat under a brilliant scholar, Dr. Petter, who has an unspeakable gift for unearthing treasures from the Hebrew text (he’s a rare, killer combo of scholarly brilliance and Holy Spirit anointing – it’s pure dynamite).  Under his leadership, I looked at these three verses under a magnifying glass.  I dissected every word, considered every verb form, and examined its poetic form – all in order to draw the full meaning, promise, and beauty from the text.

At first, I thought of having this passage printed.  I thought I would simply copy and paste the Hebrew to someone who could print it, and that’s how I would get it hanging in our home.  But then I felt the Lord bringing up this art thing.  I knew He wanted me to create this piece rather than having it printed.

So sometime in November, I spontaneously went to Michael’s and loaded up on canvases and paint.  I started this project soon after.  As always, it proved to be a bigger challenge – and a slower project – than I predicted.  I saw really quickly that I needed to let this be a slow process… and that each time I went to the canvas was an opportunity to lean on His ability and not my own.

img_0900 img_0935

The cool thing is, the slowness of the process allowed these words to become etched on my heart all the more.  And now that I’m finally finished, I have a yes, imperfect, but hand-crafted piece that I’ve poured myself into.

img_1093 dsc_0498-already-edited

Now these words will hang in our home as an ongoing declaration – and a continual opportunity to review this language I love so much!

So what does this passage say already?! In the video below, I discuss the passage itself, a few of the treasures I found in it while studying, and more about why I wanted it hanging in our home.

I pray this encourages you! His word is true, and it stands forever!

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