Third Trimester Basketball

Baby Boy and I are 37 weeks along now, and I can hardly believe it! It feels like time is speeding up. And even though it’s so close now, I still can’t wrap my mind around meeting him face to face.

Pregnancy is something we’re so familiar with until experiencing it ourselves. At least, that’s how it was for me. I saw pregnant women and babies out and about all the time – and honestly never thought much of it. Don’t get me wrong – I knew children were tremendous gifts and that becoming a parent is a huge deal… But kind of in the same way a southerner knows it’s beautiful out west. We can watch all the documentaries and see pictures and hear other people’s travel stories… but not until hopping a plane and seeing it with our own eyes will we fully understand.

That’s how pregnancy has been for me. Something I’ve understood casually and from a distance has now become an up-close, intimate reality. It’s unlocking a whole new world inside my heart.

It’s the craziest miracle, this thing called life. How it’s breathed into existence…how it starts as a tiny, hidden secret… and then grows into unmistakable visibility.


Baby Boy and I have definitely reached the “unmistakable” phase. It took a long time, but we finally got there.


…And people’s responses to my pregnant belly have been one of the sweetest parts of this nine month journey. Even if I had nothing else to go on, people’s reactions alone would tell me everything: life is a miracle. It’s worth taking note of… and worth celebrating.


Andrew and I have this thing with transition. For us, when change comes, it touches every part of our lives. So besides our baby and parenthood preparations, we’ve been hard at work on a fixer-upper where our family of three will live. Whether we will make our move before or after Baby Boy’s arrival is being determined over the next week or so. To say we have a lot going on is a huge understatement. One minute we’re discussing light fixtures and carpet, the next minute we’re thinking through our hospital bag… then it’s time to go antiquing again……or pack up another load and take it to our new basement.

Andrew keeps finding the perfect pieces for our new house!

Andrew keeps finding the perfect pieces for our new house!

Packing things up has of course led to walks down memory lane.

Old Pictures…

img_1681 bday-130001 img_1524 bday-120001 bday-150001 img_1692

Old drawings I had forgotten about…

I was pretty infatuated with Liz's beauty years ago. I always loved drawing portraits.

I was pretty infatuated with Liz’s beauty years ago. I always loved drawing portraits.

Even boxes of middle school and high school letters! The kind we wrote during class and folded the same way every time. I still have all of them! Literally boxes of them.  For some reason, I’ve never thrown them away.


In the midst of everything else we’re working on, my car has started having a mid-life crisis [or maybe an end-of-life crisis]. We’ve had a crazy number of “repairs” over the last month and are now deciding whether it’s time to let my beloved Jeep go. This has been a pretty big decision to add to the mix. Honestly, several other parts of our lives are transitioning too. It seems that the Father wants to show Himself very strong by leading literally every part of our lives into wild, unfamiliar, and exciting territory, all at the same time.

And if He wants to show Himself strong [I believe He always does], who am I to stop Him? Worship, especially this song, has been such an anchor and joy-protector in the midst of all these moving parts. I’m so thankful for His strong arms to lean on.


One of our recent baby prep adventures was a GIGANTIC Costco stock up. People have been telling us for years to get a membership, and having a baby finally helped us pull the trigger. We both tend to go “all in” with anything we do…and of course our first Costco visit was no different.


We’re good on paper products, dish soap, trash bags, and a whole bunch of other stuff until 2018. And the stock-up didn’t stop there! Oh no… we’ve bought obscene amounts of water, toothpaste, retainer cleanser… [Yes, I still sleep in my retainers. See below picture, and you’ll understand why. I’m never going back!]  I’m thinking we’ll have enough going on adjusting to life with Little Man. Who needs the nuisance of a bunch of extra errands for this kind of stuff??

Thank God there's life beyond yearbook pictures.

Thank God there’s life beyond yearbook pictures.


Earlier this month, in the middle of our baby and house hustle and bustle, the most glorious snow blew in. It was a beautiful interruption that forced us to pause and simply have fun…for a whole weekend. It was just what we needed.


And it offered the best excuse for more bump pictures.


Snow bibs seem so roomy until you're eight and a half months pregnant!

Snow bibs seem so roomy until you’re eight and a half months pregnant!

Left: 30 Weeks [12.5.16] Right: 35 Weeks [1.9.17]

Left: 30 Weeks [12.5.16]
Right: 35 Weeks [1.9.17]

Back in November, Andrew surprised me with The Magnolia Story for my birthday. I’ve completely flipped out over Chip and Joanna’s show, and I just love who they are as people. So this book was the perfect gift. Life has been such a whirlwind, though, I wondered if this read might not happen for a long while.

But then for a few weeks I kept feeling the Lord’s nudge to read it now, before the baby comes. So I listened. [I’m learning to always listen when I feel His nudge to read something.] I’m half way through, and their story is speaking such timely words into our current season of life. I see Chip and Joanna’s lives and ministry as a parable. They’re discreet in the way they present themselves on tv and in the book too, but the Spirit’s work is all over their story.

For me, reading this has been a fresh invitation to dream big and take risks.


Part of our own fixer-upper fun has been watching our home’s transformation. It’s exciting to see all the details we’ve been discussing for months come together, especially when sweet friends drop by to see the progress.

I adore this woman. She radiates with the Spirit of God.

I adore this woman. She radiates the Spirit of God.

And speaking of sweet friends, five of my dearest threw Baby Boy and me the most beautiful shower on Sunday! Love was poured into every detail, and I was overwhelmed with everyone’s kindness and generosity.

dsc_1161-edited dsc_1175-edited dsc_1178-edited dsc_1247-2 dsc_1183-edited dsc_1249-edited dsc_1264-2 dsc_1221-3-edited-for-blog dsc_1293-edited dsc_1297-2 dsc_1349-edited

Em was the sweetest gift assistant ever! She handed me every single present I opened. <3

Em was the sweetest gift assistant ever! She handed me every single present I opened. ❤


We just love candid laughing shots!

We just love candid laughing shots!

dsc_1339-2 dsc_1299 dsc_1300

Unquestionably, one of the most beautiful parts of this pregnancy journey has been watching Andrew become a daddy. For me, having a baby was a tremendous leap of faith. For him, though, it’s a long-time desire fulfilled. He’s loved everyone else’s children so well for so many years, and now he gets to love his very own. Watching it happen is something to behold. Yall, this man… I just don’t have words.

View More:

There’s a good chance I’ll be crying the hardest and loudest of all in that delivery room.


As we await his arrival, these are a few of the blessings I’ve been praying over our son.

Maybe some of you expectant parents out there will want to pray some of these

over your own children. The blessings of God begin in the womb!

Let’s agree with Heaven’s BIG dreams over our little ones.


Baby Boy, I bless you

to know, even from my womb, that you are loved and wanted,

that you are chosen and called forth into the family of God,

I bless you

to walk in true sonship, as His son and as ours,

and to know Him, to really know Him, from your earliest days.

Son, I bless you

with the joy of the Lord,

a pure heart,

holy laughter,

Heaven’s wholeness,

the Spirit’s freedom,

and genuine friends who propel you forward in your love for Him.

I bless you

to experience and carry the Father’s love all the days of your life,

releasing it into every person you encounter.

In the beautiful Name of Jesus.

3 Comments on “Third Trimester Basketball”

  1. Time is near. The God moment is close at hand. No one like Baby Boy! The moment! Eye to eye! First hug! First song! First kiss! Oh what a moment. Dave

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Hayley Girl…you are so right about this amazing miracle of life. What a precious
    gift from God. You have journaled it so
    beautifully! Can’t wait for you and
    Andrew to experience this sweet and
    joyous time with little Baby Boy!
    #newlife #newpurpose #newjoy


  3. Hayley, how precious you are to share your special days with all of us. You are a blessing in many ways. Love you, Sheila Pike


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