Pregnancy, Birth, and the Joy of Surrender

It’s a beautiful new adventure I’m on, this thing called motherhood. On Valentine’s Day we welcomed our son, Landrum, into the world.

Oh, how life has changed in the last ten days.

2.14.17 - Andrew's best ever birthday gift, our beautiful son

2.14.17 – Andrew’s best ever birthday gift, our beautiful son

landrum1of74 landrum8of74 landrum43of74

Diaper changes – *lots* of them, surprise showers at the changing table, the 7-10 day growth spurt [help me, Jesus — this child loves to eat!] and the sweetest newborn snuggles imaginable.

We’ve been ambushed by joy.

5 days old

5 days old

landrum38of74 landrum24of74

…and as I’ve thought back on our pregnancy and birth experience, I see that God was setting us up for this joy from the beginning. But we had to follow His lead to get there.

Below, I’m sharing some about our journey and the open-handed posture the Lord fashioned in us throughout the pregnancy…and how it paved the way for pure joy at his arrival.

I believe there’s something in this that’s bigger than my experience alone, and I pray our story speaks life and encouragement to you fellow parents out there, wherever you are on the journey!

*all professional photos by Sugar Snap Photography*

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