What We Declare Over Our Children

I’m a word person. Always have been. And now, more than ever, I recognize the power they hold. My momma heart is being unlocked in every way imaginable these days – and words are playing an important role in this.

Words have the power to ignite and to snuff out. To encourage and to deflate. To make deposits into the heart and to make withdrawals. To liberate and to suppress. To fan the flame of faith and to water down with cynicism.

Becoming a parent has put all this under the magnifying glass for me.

Andrew and I have been given this precious life to steward. The Father has placed our son under our spiritual authority. This is both a beautiful and weighty gift. We have the opportunity to prophesy things over his life, to speak into his heart, the way no one else can.

Oh, how we want to agree with what Heaven is saying over his life. Not the world. Not logic. Not popular opinion. Not statistics.

These competing voices will always have an opinion, and they’ll be sure to give it to us. “Boys aren’t supposed to cry.” “Boys tend to struggle with this or that.” “Just wait till he’s a teenager…” On and on.

Thank goodness we have a stronger, truer Voice speaking counsel tailor made for our son and his unique journey. Our assignment as his parents is to lean into that Voice with our whole heart, and to agree with it in what we declare over him.

Maybe that’ll mean turning off the TV sometimes.  Maybe it’ll mean taking that friend or relative’s words with a grain of salt.  Maybe it’ll mean stopping the google searches… or limiting time spent on social media.  It will most definitely mean time spent in the Scriptures – those secret moments when we hide the Word in our heart so the Spirit can breathe on it down the road, right when we’ll need it.  It will also mean actively speaking the truth over him, raising our voices on a daily basis in agreement with the Father’s boundless promises.  We want this to be a tangible, real thing in our home.

So over his crib, we’ve mounted a prophetic declaration. Words that paint a big, bold picture for today and for his future.  Words that reflect how BIG his God is.

You were born to blaze new trails. Pioneer great adventures. Reclaim new territory. Take daring risks. You were born to tell an original story. Be God strong and foolishly courageous. Let faith not fear be your compass. Truth not lies be your guide. Always remember to give God room to prove Himself faithful. You were born for such a time as this.

These words are just as much for us as they are for him. They remind me that the promises over our son’s life are BIG – God big… and that the Father’s dreams over mine and my husband’s lives are just as big as those for our son. And that our love for our boy barely holds a candle to the Father’s.

I love that these words will be spoken over him in his lying down and in his rising each day. They help me to zoom out during 3am feedings and see that something much bigger than me is happening as I care for him, that there’s a bigger story playing out even now. That as I pour into him, the Father is fashioning him to be a sharp arrow that will pierce the hearts and minds of His choosing.

Friends, what we declare over our children is powerful. Our prayers literally shape the trajectory of their lives. It matters what we’re dreaming over them. Saying about them. Praying over them. Agreeing to be true of them.

Time is short, and much is at stake. There’s a Kingdom calling forth the sharpest of arrows. My prayer today and forever is that we as parents speak words over our children that breathe life, establish their true identity, and liberate them to play their God-given role in that Kingdom.

Let’s agree with Heaven’s words over our little ones!


Children are an inheritance from the Lord,

offspring a reward from him.

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior

are children born in one’s youth.

Psalm 127:3-4


Professional Photos by Sugarsnap Photography

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