Holy Disruption

Our little man turned five weeks old Tuesday.

Five whole weeks since we were swallowed up in this beautiful tidal wave called parenthood.

Already, our son is teaching us so much. New ways to love, new ways to give of ourselves, and new joys to embrace.

Each day, we’re watching him express more and more of the person he is. It feels like he’s reaching milestones on a daily basis, and my Nikon can barely keep up.

“No more pictures, Mommy!”

Some of richest [and most challenging] experiences on this new journey have been growth spurts. Whether it’s a physical or mental leap, I’ve learned quickly that these spurts make our son’s world chaotic for a few days. Our soft, established rhythm up and changes to become loud and unfamiliar.

When he’s making a leap, our easy-going boy can quickly go from this…

To this…

And I think there’s something to see here.

Growth comes through the vehicle of disruption.

During Landrum’s first growth spurt, when he was around 7-10 days old, I was trying to figure out what in the world had happened to our usually calm child when it hit me all of the sudden. If he was ever going to grow bigger than the eight pound [12 oz!] boy we brought home, something about his rhythm would have to change. Of course he would need to eat more. So of course his daily routine would get all mixed up.

And don’t I want him to grow? Don’t I want him to keep becoming the strong, healthy boy he was created to be? Yes.

The disruption was headed somewhere good – so I realized I better embrace it.

Since then, he’s had another recent spurt – a mental leap… and with it came disruption. This day or two of chaos looked a little different from his first growth spurt, but it was chaos nonetheless.

What’s striking me about these growth spurts is that what feels very much like a setback is, in fact, our son leaping forward.

I listened to the most beautiful message* the other day, and in it, this woman was describing the birth process. She talked about a nearly universal experience women have during childbirth when they reach a point they feel they can’t go any further. They feel physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted, like they simply can’t go on. This usually happens as the baby’s head is crowning.

Just as the long-anticipated life is beginning to manifest, a mother feels she can’t go on. It’s simply too much. She doesn’t have any more to give, can’t endure any longer… and is, honestly, tempted to give up just as her baby is being birthed.

Friends, there’s something to glean here. There’s something the Father wants us to see.

Growth requires disruption. Giving birth to something new comes with very hard moments. But doing the same thing we’ve always done will keep us the same people we’ve always been. Familiar rhythms will keep us singing the same song till Kingdom come. Clinging to our un-challenging routine will not stretch us into who we were created to be. And this is not the life I want.

If we want to walk in the BIG things God is declaring over our lives, we better learn to embrace disruption, because it’s leading us some place good. All the moving parts, the newness, the unfamiliar chaos that feels like a setback – it’s propelling us forward.

When He is Lord of it, disruption is holy.  And it enlarges us to receive His promises.

So maybe you find yourself in this place of holy disruption today.  Maybe His promise to you seems a million miles away.  Maybe you’re convinced that you’ve lost ground in all the chaos.  I’m here to tell you, Friend, you’re not moving backward – you’re leaping forward.  And you’re closer to your promise than you’ve ever been.

Photo by Cat Gifford


*Message is entitled “Sing, Oh Barren Woman”

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