A Thank You Note to Our Baby Boy on Mother’s Day

Baby Boy,

You’ve ruined me.

Your cry pierced my world… and you tore my heart wide open. Forever.

Photo by Cat Gifford

Mothering you is changing me. It’s making me better.

So when I think about celebrating my first Mother’s Day, I have to thank you.

Thank you, Baby Boy, for bursting onto the scene and ambushing me with joy. You snuck up on me, with your tiny feet and silky skin… I didn’t even know what was coming.

You’re showing me new ways to love your daddy. New ways to love, period. Thank you for that.


You’ve drenched me in wonder. I knew life was a gift… but carrying you made me see the miracle it really is. I watch you while you sleep in your bassinet – the one your daddy and grandmother slept in- and I marvel.


Thirty three years ago, your daddy was the baby boy sleeping there…and his momma was me.

You’re taking my eyes off of me. Thank you for teaching me patience and selflessness with your middle of the night feedings. I found His grace in new ways there. And thank you even more for sleeping through the night now!

Thank you for showing me that there are things worth gaining weight for… That the world won’t end if I go to Target with no make-up on… And that life can be full – the fullest it’s ever been – while getting very little sleep.

Thank you for multiplying my love. Multiplying everything in me, really. Whatever dreams and passions I had before… they’ve grown exponentially since you came along.

I see people with more compassion than I used to, especially single moms. And children… oh Baby Boy, you’ve shown me just how precious children are to the Father. It’s washed over me countless times now- I’ll lay you on the changing table and you look up at me with your bright, trusting eyes… and I could weep over the abuse and injustice done to other babies like you. I cared before… but not like this. Thank you for opening my eyes.

Thank you for reminding me each day what matters most, that presence matters more than any to-do list. That if it’s between dancing with you and organizing the study, dancing with you is always, always the right choice.

Thank you for showing me just how precious our time on this earth is… and for making me treasure the fullness of each moment I’ve been given. You’re causing me to enjoy the journey more than I ever have, and to be content in the hiddenness only the Father sees.

Baby Boy, I can’t get enough of your surprise smiles. And your little noises. Your sweet smell. The joy I feel when I scoop you up in my arms, and the warmth of your tiny body hugged up to mine.


Mother’s Day doesn’t make me think about me… it makes me think about you.


Photo by Sugarsnap Photography

So thank you, Baby Boy. You made me a momma. And mothering you is making me the person I want to be.

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