2017 Hewitt Holiday Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

With eggnog in one hand, fruit cake in the other, Andrew, Landrum, and I are bebopping our way to Christmas. I know you are too. For us, fruit cake has always been a sure sign that the most wonderful time of year is upon us. Something about the lumpy texture and disgusting taste gets our bells a jinglin.


This year has been all about newness for us. We knew it would be a year of change with Landrum arriving, but let me tell you… it has gone even beyond that. First, we started buying in bulk this year. Last December’s box of trash bags from Costco lasted us [count ’em] EIGHT months! It wasn’t until late August that we had to buy a new box. Just think, at this rate it’ll be April 2018 before we buy more. Sometimes it hits me like a ton of bricks, all the life we’re living within the span of one box of trash bags. Phew. Life is truly a vapor when you look at it in terms of trash bags.


Starting this year, we had a much bigger yard to care for. That’s been another one of our *new* things. Several months ago, I felt God calling me to help Andrew out by picking up sticks from the grass. He revealed to me that this would help remove obstacles from the path of our lawnmower. I quickly said ‘yes’, because this year has been all about radical obedience for me. But I had no idea the weight of what I was saying ‘yes’ to. In our yard, sticks fall a lot. Especially when the wind blows. More than a few times, just days after clearing off hundreds of sticks, wouldn’t you know it? The wind would start blowing. And down more sticks would fall. And off I went to pick them up again. Sometimes I felt like I was stuck in a cycle. Andrew would try to encourage me, reminding me that he has to cut the grass over and over too [because it keeps growing, even after you cut it]. But those words fell flat. You can’t compare grass with sticks. Normally, my holiday letter stories have come around to a resolution. But honestly, I’m still wrestling with this one. If God gives you any nuggets of wisdom or encouragement for me as you read this, would you mind private messaging them to me?

On a much lighter note, I’ve discovered *new* ways to bless others this year. It started one day at Trader Joe’s: we stocked up so much that our cashier slipped us a chocolate bar FOR FREE. She whispered to me, pointing to the bar, and I gulped down tears. So moved by her act of kindness, on my ride home I braked, allowing someone to cut in front of me in traffic. They waved back at me, we locked eyes, and I knew… I just *knew* in my heart they were saying ‘thank you’. I picked up on a pattern here: when we bless someone, it inspires them to be a blessing to others. It becomes a vicious, beautiful giving cycle. It makes chills run up and down my spine. So next time you see a chocolate bar, I want you to remember this. Think about the vicious giving cycle.

DSC_0308 (2)

Landrum and I have fallen into the sweetest diaper changing rhythm this year. Anytime I notice his diaper bulging or starting to smell, I know that’s my cue. I lie him on the changing table, wipe him clean, and put on a new diaper. His fresh ones are always so much dryer and roomier. He appreaciates clean diapers so much! A mom can just tell… [My dad has always said that the keys to a good hamburger are a good bun and good patty. I’ve come to think of a diaper change this way; the keys to a good one are a nice dry diaper and good wipes.]

Here are a few pictures of Little Man,

on top of the world after a fresh diaper…

Besides becoming parents and moving into our new home, Andrew and I have also found *new* ways to liven up our old routines. A big one for me has been the way I rub in my facial moisturizer. I used to just slop it on and rub it in in a haphazard way. But this year I started using this methodical hand motion as I rub it in to help it better absorb. It’s been wild!! I can feel myself getting stirred up about life every time I moisturize now. Andrew knew his starting point would be his socks. He had always put his left one on first, then his right. Every morning. Same ole same ole. It got to feeling so clichΓ© after all these years. So this past January, he started something new: he now puts on his right sock, takes a break to brush his teeth, puts on his left sock, then combs his hair. He’s loving it! And I love watching him have so much fun with it.

Here he is one morning right after his ‘right sock- teeth – left sock – hair’ routine…


Newness. That’s what 2017 has been about for us. Change that has catapulted us into a whole new way of living, harnessed by just enough routine to keep our feet on the ground. That’s our prayer for you this Christmas – that the wildness we’ve discovered in trash bags, sticks, and socks will spill right off this page and mix up your world this holiday season!

Merry Christmas to You and Yours


Andrew, Hayley, and Landrum

DSC_0677 (3)

4 Comments on “2017 Hewitt Holiday Letter”

  1. Love this. You are a nut. When I got to Andrew’s new routine, I lost it…nothing better than tears of laughter!


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