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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Hayley, and I’m so glad you’re here. Writing is one of my passions, and I hope you find encouragement in these posts.

So a little bit about me… I was only fifteen years old when I fell head over heels for my husband, Andrew.  I never looked back.  We dated for what felt like a lifetime (seven years) and have now been married for nine.  On Valentine’s Day this year we welcomed our son into the world and became first time parents.

Photo by Sugarsnap Photography

Motherhood has ambushed me with joy.  I wasn’t the girl dreaming of having a child.  I never got baby fever, no matter how many friends around me became moms.  And I wasn’t really into holding other people’s babies, either. I was way more interested in puppies.  But after some holy nudging, I jumped off the cliff, trusting God to show Himself faithful on the other side of this risk.

I’m so glad I jumped.  Motherhood has surprised me in the best ways possible.  It sweeps me off my feet again and again.  And after years of rolling my eyes at “those” moms, I am now one of them.  If you ever wonder what I’m doing in my free time, there’s a good chance I’m staring at, taking a picture of, or talking about our boy. #cantstopwontstop

Photo by Jessica Satterfield

Besides finding my way as a new momma, I’m working to complete our new home.  Yep, we’re those crazy people who move AND have a baby at the same time.  Two days apart, to be exact.  After ten weeks of intense work, our fixer upper [which I hope to share about eventually] was move-in ready just a few days before Little Man’s arrival. We went with it. If there’s anything my twenties taught me, it’s how freeing it is to submit myself to God’s timing – to simply let go and rest.  It’s how I lived out my pregnancy and how we postured ourselves for the timing of our move.  It’s all worked out beautifully, and I couldn’t be more thankful for this season the Father has me tucked away in.

Photo by Jessica Satterfield

Only a year ago, I wrapped up a nearly four year season of study at Gordon-Conwell in Charlotte, NC.  Going to seminary was a long time dream for which God opened supernatural doors to make a reality.  I finished with a Master of Divinity, but more importantly, a heart that had been reshaped and made better by my time there.  The more we learn of Him, the less we know.  I’ll be unpacking that rich season for the rest of my life.

I’m *a little* out of control with pictures – it’s gotten way worse since I became a mom. I like to have my Nikon close by at all times, kind of like my chapstick. I’m all about traveling, reading, learning [I’m a total nerd in that way], exercising, and getting outside. I’m serious about sleep, and I laugh a lot… loudly.

Friend, make yourself at home here!  My Welcome page will tell you a little more about this blog and what fuels my writing and communicating.

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