Pregnancy Changes Everything

A woman is awakened when she becomes pregnant. She stands in awe of the life that is now inside of her. Her mind becomes consumed with that life and her heart burns with love for it even while she has yet to lay eyes upon it.

She dreams over that life – its potential, its beauty, the story it will tell. And she carries the weight of it, knowing that something so wonderful brings great responsibility. But she doesn’t mind the weightiness – her fierce loyalty was aroused from the first instant.

The life inside of her takes precedence over anything else. Every decision is now made with that life in mind. She is amazed at how easily she stops doing some things and starts doing others… all because she values the life inside of her more than she values her own comfort and preferences.

Her taste changes, too. She can’t stand the sight of some foods that she used to love. And she starts to crave things she never had a taste for before. It seems crazy to the un-pregnant people around her. But to her, it makes perfect sense.

And she prepares herself, eliminating some commitments and adding others while she waits expectantly. She is intentionally making room in her world for this new life.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. But more beautiful, still, is the Truth laced inside of this experience. Pregnancy is a tangible expression of a rich Kingdom phenomenon.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own…” (I Corinthians 6:19).

The Holy Spirit resides within the believer. Interestingly, the Spirit is described as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come (Ephesians 1:13-14). He is fully alive within us now, but he brings with him a promise that something greater is coming. Sounds an awfully lot like pregnancy.

And the Kingdom is described as a seed (Matthew 13:31-32). The smallest of seeds, in fact. Which then grows into the largest of plants. Just like the life inside of the woman which began as a seed planted inside her.

Let us not miss this prophetic picture. Just as a woman is awakened by her pregnancy, so we also must be awakened. If we are in Christ, a Life much greater than ours is living inside of us.

When we recognize this, it changes everything. We are utterly amazed that the God of the universe would take residence within our frail body. We are honored and stunned simultaneously. Our hearts, having been made alive in him, now burn with passion for the Life we carry.

And like the expectant mother, we now base our decisions on that Life within us. Nothing is neutral anymore. Everything we watch, everything we hear, everything we expose ourselves to is either feeding the Spirit within us or feeding our flesh. And we can’t afford to starve that Spirit. It holds our very life.

[Too many are living in seeming ignorance of the Life they house. They starve it and feed their flesh instead, nearly snuffing out that Life altogether. Its tangible expression is abortion. Lord, let it not be so in us!]

We make every single choice with that Life in mind – what will protect it, what will nourish it. And we dream over that Life too. Because he is a promise of more to come, we are expectant of the seeds hidden within our seed. This Life we carry holds unspeakable potential. As it is given room to grow, it will cause Life to spring up in those around us. And the new Life in them will then be ignited in others. The ripple effect is tremendous – far too great for us to calculate.

Because this Life carries such promise, we don’t mind the weightiness that comes with it. Nourishing this Life is not a chore; it’s a privilege. We don’t begrudge it. We actually live with disbelieving joy that we were given such a gift.

Pregnancy changes everything. Priorities radically shift, hearts awaken, and love ignites. If we are in Christ, we are pregnant, my friends!

Father, I ask you to awaken us to the Life of the Spirit within us! Reveal to us the beauty of Who we carry. Grace us to nourish this Life and to see its full potential. Ignite your passion and love within us, I pray.


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