Detaching Joy from our Expectations of Others

If we hinge our joy on other people’s behavior, we’re going to wait… and wait… and wait… and wait. Finally, we’ll arrive at the end of our lives having never experienced true joy. All because we attached joy to our expectations of others.

Rather than thankfully fixing our gaze on Whom it belongs, too often we fixate on people and what they are or are not doing for us: Not coming to the party. Not acknowledging what matters most to us. Not listening. Not encouraging. Not doing what we had hoped they would do.

If we aren’t careful, we will wrongly believe that we NEED certain responses and behaviors from people in order to have joy. This is an especially easy lie to believe when our expectation seems reasonable yet goes unmet. But Friends, don’t buy into it.

There’s only ONE we need for our moments to hold value and our joy to be complete. He never forgets a special day – He’s present for all the ordinary ones too. There isn’t a single detail of our lives that He misses. He totally ‘gets’ us, and He loves us more than any human being ever could. He always comes through, and He knows our words before we even speak them. He never disappoints.

We need to adjust our perspective – to see ourselves as living inside of His capsule of unshakeable joy. When our gaze is fixed upon Him, joy abounds because our eyes are where they belong: our Audience of One.

We no longer need anything from anyone. In Him, we have EVERYTHING.

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