Grace Empowers

There’s a widespread notion of grace that pictures us lying motionless on a cushy couch as grace is poured over us, assuring us that nothing is required on our part. While it’s true that grace continually covers our inadequacies, I believe this is a much more accurate [i.e. Scriptural] image:

Grace as the undergirding, supernaturally empowering presence of the Holy Spirit which thrusts us forward into understanding, revelation, obedience, and yes, ACTIONS we never could have embodied without Him.

I often picture grace as the Holy Spirit’s upward and outward movement through the believer which empowers her/him to climb a mountain.

In my own life, that means that I have been supernaturally empowered to apply my mind to Biblical languages and Scriptural exegesis in recent years. Starting seminary felt very much like I was standing at the bottom of Mt. Everest without even a Table Rock hiking resume to draw from. But that overwhelming task was the perfect place for Grace to empower the impossible. And now here I am, almost at the summit of this mountain – and only God can get the glory because it was GRACE that propelled me forward every single step of the way.

We ALL [those of us who are in Christ] have access to this undergirding Grace, and we each are being summoned to climb our own mountains. Maybe it’s a mountain of parenting or of overcoming addiction or of cultivating a good marriage or of starting a business. Which mountain has God brought you to the foot of?

If you are feeling the Lord’s nudge to step into territory that intimidates you, I encourage you to see Grace as your secret weapon that will empower you to do what God is calling you to do. There is no Spirit-led summit to which Grace is unable to propel us.

And climbing mountains beats lying on a cushy couch any day.

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