Meet Our Video Contributors




Allan & Anna Randall.

Meet Allan and Anna, two of mine and Andrew’s dear friends.  Anna and I knew each other as little girls and grew up in the same church, though we’ve grown a lot closer in our adult years.  Anna is such a carrier of JOY, and she brings life, laughter, and beauty wherever she goes.  Allan is the perfect match for her.  He joined the party about ten years ago when he and Anna began dating.  Allan is a deep thinker [and researcher!] and an excellent student of the Scriptures.  We’re thankful to call them friends!


Caroline Schandel.

Meet my lovely friend, Caroline.  She and I met in 2013 at the beginning of our M.Div studies at Gordon-Conwell.  Our connection was easy – we just clicked on that first day of class!  We both had a deep value for the goodness of God and the wild ways of the Holy Spirit.  For three and half years, our demanding coursework and frequent Charlotte weekends created space for us to wrestle through theology and process life together.  Caroline has a brilliant mind and a sharp gift for communication.  She’s also a deeply attentive listener who always has a unique perspective to offer.  Working through seminary alongside her was a tremendous gift!


Bianca Morris.

Meet my sweet friend, Bianca.  She, too, came into my life through Gordon-Conwell.  Though we only shared a course or two together, we made a connection that lasted.  Having come from similar church backgrounds, we could easily relate.  We both understood the tensions of balancing rigorous academic study of the Scriptures with a deep value for the surprising, uncontainable work of the Holy Spirit.  Bianca is a great combination of intellect, eloquence, and sweetness.  I’m so thankful our paths crossed!


Laurie Langley.

Meet Laurie.  This woman is a treasure in my life.  She and her husband, Randal, were mine and Andrew’s pastors for eight years.  I’ve learned much simply from watching her at a distance but have also had the privilege of knowing her up close.  She’s the real deal.  Her gift in the pulpit is backed by a life that reflects what she preaches.  She’s a true powerhouse – a woman of supernatural tenacity, passion, and sensitivity.  When she releases something God has put in her heart to say, its sharpness cuts right to your core.  She will always be a pastoral presence in my life, and a dear friend too!


Dave & Diane Walton.

Meet my uncle and aunt, Dave and Diane Walton.  No introduction can do justice for the role they’ve played in my life.  Dave is a spiritual father to me [and many others] and, from my earliest days, has been a voice of truth, righteousness, passion, and adoration of Jesus.  He has the heart of an evangelist, more so than anyone else I’ve ever known.  And his love for Jesus and passion for people to know Him are equaled by his holy boldness.  Diane is the perfect match for him.  She complements his gifts with her quiet strength and beautiful sensitivity.  I am forever grateful for who they are in my life!


Zaina Greene.

Meet my dear friend, Zaina.  Over the last several years, she’s become one of my closest friends.  We went to church together for years without ever getting to know one another. Then one day in 2012 we had our first real conversation, and I knew immediately that God had something sweet in store for our friendship.  I never could have guessed just how sweet.  I’m amazed at how the Lord had her tucked away until just the right time.  Now, I can’t imagine not having her friendship!  Zaina is such a wise voice in my life.  She brings a sharp prophetic perspective to things and always spurs me on toward what is good.  She is a beautiful voice for justice. Trust me, you want to give an ear to her!


Jessica Satterfield.

Meet my beautiful friend, Jessica.  We’ve known each other since college when she and my good friend, Brandon, began dating… but the Lord has had our friendship sitting on the shelf until just the last year.   It’s amazing how He works!  This girl has been lit on fire, and I love watching the Lord’s story unfold in her life.  Jessica is a woman of childlike faith, deep trust, and overflowing worship.  She has such a willingness to follow the Lord into hard, unfamiliar places and rediscover His bigness there.  Watching her love her babies and release love into broken situations is a constant invitation for me to keep saying ‘yes’ to wherever He leads me.  I know you’ll find life in her words!


Elizabeth McAbee.

Meet my precious friend, Elizabeth.  I admired her from a distance in middle school and high school, and honestly, was intimidated by her radiant beauty.  We started getting to know each other better during our time at Converse College and ultimately forged a deep friendship during the four years we worked alongside each other at a local ministry.  Getting to know her up close surprised me in the sweetest way: I discovered she’s just as stunning inside as outside.  Elizabeth is a woman of amazing depth, powerful prophetic insight, and great strength.  She has a word of substance and power inside of her, and she always spurs me to walk in love.  I’m telling you, she’s a woman to listen to!


Tracy Spake.

Meet one of my favorite people, Tracy.  She’s a powerhouse!  I first met her about eight years ago and quickly felt like I had known her my whole life.  She was one of those easy, spirit-to-spirit connections that you know is God-breathed.  She always has her ear leaned in to hear what the Lord is saying, and when she shares it, her words carry authority and life.  She’s real, too.  There’s no pretending with her.  I love how she’s a woman of such depth in the things of the Spirit, yet has eyes and ears to bring that depth into the ordinary circumstances of life.  She’s a woman you want in your circle!  I’m thrilled to have her voice in this project.

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Andrew & Hayley Hewitt.

And then there’s my Andrew. How can I possibly introduce my husband in a few sentences?  Already, I need a Kleenex.  He’s beyond anything I ever dreamed I would have in a husband – and I thought I had high hopes!  Andrew is a man whose strength is showcased by his patience, whose humility makes him radiant, and whose love for people [especially children] leaves me in tears.  He’s a man of true honor, and after more than fifteen years together, I still sit in near disbelief at God’s extravagance in making this man my husband.  This project would never be complete without his gentle, wise voice.

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